10.25.2018 Meeting with US FDA Director Dan Solis to discuss the new regulation of FSVP.

09.12.2018 AFTA Members Visit USDA

05.01.2018 AFTA Anniversary Dinner

11.15.2017 AFTA 25th Anniversary Celebration

11.3.2017 Appreciation Night with Assemblyman Ed Chau

10.04.2017 Foreign Supply Verification Programs Training Organized by Asian Food Trade Association

6.20.2017 Best Practices for Avoiding Pitfalls in Employee Handbook Policies

6.15.2017 Asian Food Trade Association & US FDA Annual Dialog 2017

5.26.2017 Business Networking Nite: Great Wall Supermarket

3.7.2017  AFTA Educational Seminar

2.22.2017  Hosting a Welcome New Year Dinner

10.4.2016  Are you a Target of IRS?

9.13.2016  Latest Labor Law Update & Best HR Practices, September 22, 2016

8.12.2016  AFTA Board Members attended Hon. Assemblyman Ed Chau’s Birthday Dinner

8.8.2016  Meeting with USDA Deputy Director & Officers , August 8, 2016

4.15.2016  California Prop 65: Meeting with Hon. Assemblyman Ed Chau & Attorney Peg Toledo

4.15.2016  California Prop 65: Tele-conference with Hon. Assemblyman Ed Chau, Deputy Attorney General Harrison M. Pollak, Attorney Peg Toledo and Prop 65 Committee members