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About Asian Food Trade Association (A.F.T.A.)

Disheartened by the many constraints Asian food importers faced when importing food from Asia in the 1990s, AFTA’s Founder & Life Time Honorary President Mr. Jim Tsai founded and led the Asian Food Trade Association in 1992 with the intention of representing the Asian food importer community in speaking out and solving existing problems with local authorities. Since then, A.F.T.A. has actively worked to create a smoother import process for its members, particularly small medium enterprises, by building relationships and fostering  mutual understandings with officials from the FDA, USDA, U.S. Customs, Port of Los Angeles, as well as foreign & local authorities .

Throughout the years, A.F.T.A has offered consulting and advisory services, including governmental updates, legislative lobbying, networks, and communications service.


Integrate Asian food into the daily American diet.


Promote and protect the Asian food trade with a unifying voice that serves and engages its diverse members from the total supply chain


In order to bring Strength,  cultivate proactive involvement with our members, and deliver benefits and opportunities, Asian Food Trade Association (A.F.T.A.) has a lineup of exciting projects and events.