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It is my honor and privilege to represent my company, YHS Trading (USA) Inc., also known as YEO’S, to serve as the 13th President of the Asian Food Trade Association. I would like to thank all our members and Board of Directors for their trust and confidence in YEO’S and me.

With the steadfast leadership of our founder, Mr. Jim Tsai, and the succeeding six ex-presidents, our association has established itself as a strong group that serves to represent all members in the Asian food trade industry. The new board members and I are committed to break new ground with our vision to integrate Asian food into the daily American Diet. There is no doubt we will face challenges in our journey but we strongly believe that our vision is very much realistic and achievable.

The United States of America, in particular California, is renowned for being the melting pot of global cuisines. As one of the key organizations in this great food epicenter, the Asian Food Trade Association will continue to promote high quality products throughout the region. We also aspire to introduce to the American populace a richer variety of Asian foods besides the mainstream Asian dishes such as Chow Mein, Sushi, Kimchi, Dim Sum and Pad Thai.

We are enhancing our agenda to promote and protect the Asian food trade by fostering a unified voice amongst our members from the various parts of the supply chain so that we may face our challenges in today’s competitive Food & Beverages Industry together.

We also intend to cultivate proactive involvement by delivering tangible benefits and business opportunities to our members. These mission statements shall frame the activities we are planning in the coming months.

As 2016 nears its end, we look forward to marking our association’s 25th anniversary in 2017 with many exciting projects and events as follow:

– Build a Website

– A Quarterly Educational Seminar

– 2016 – 2018 Board of Directors Inauguration Dinner

– Honorary Membership Fundraising Campaign

– New Membership Campaign

– Oversea Business Road Shows

– Business Expo & Trade Shows

– Taste of Asian Campaign, and

– Asian American Products of the Year 2017

Let us continue to be the enduring bastion for Asian Food & Beverage businesses.

Thank you for your time.


Cham Leong Quek
September 9, 2016